Circus School

Term 1 2023 – 9 Weeks

Tuesday 7th February

What makes Circus Classes Different to other activities?

“My son is normally a book worm and doesn’t do much physical activity but loves coming to these circus classes!”

Circus Classes combine both physical activity with creative expression. We engage students through activities to create a curiosity to learning, tackling challenges and overcoming limitations.

Instead of moulding our students into the perfect athlete, we encourage students to express their individuality, in a safe and supporting environment. We celebrate achievements together, and work as a team, giving students confidence to be themselves.

Our Classes are a great way to build hand to eye coordination, spatial awareness and confidence while problem solving, working as a team and most importantly having heaps of fun. Engaging fine motor skills and creating new neural pathways in the brain. The benefits of learning circus skills flows over into every aspect of life.

Starting with small achievements, we build up each students mind set to believe in their capabilities and not give up. Through learning the basics of juggling and other skills we grow their “I CAN” attitude.

These classes are not only about juggling!! There is also mixes of theatre, acrobatics and games to keep students engaged and excited to come back week after week

Classes sizes are limited and bookings are essential

We have classes to suit all ages and abilities

Where? 1/30 Rovan Place, Bairnsdale

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