Puggle Juggle (age 3-5)

Little bodies have big energy!

Puggle Juggle is the great introduction to circus skills for children age 3-5.

Using simple, basic and fun exercises and games, children will begin to build the correspondence between the brain and body. Engaging both the left and right side of the brain, we will begin to work with hand to eye coordination, balance, problem solving and listening to instructions

Not only is it about juggling but the introduction to movement, and discovering how their bodies move and work.

Through the structured class we engage by having lots of fun and build up each individuals confidence in their own abilities, encouraging play, experimentation and learning.

Term 1 2023 (9 weeks)

Tuesday and Wednesday


$13.20 per session (Booked as a term)

7th Feb – 4th April

A parent/guardian is required to stay and participate with the child

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