Adanced Teen Circus

This is an advanced session, diving deeper into skills, and exploring a wider range of skills including acro, unicycling and other balancing skills. Combining movement, rhythm, and performance, we will work as a group towards a presentation.

The reigns are starting to be passed over to the group members to decide the direction of the group. Ownership is a massive step towards taking initiative and control of their own learning as well getting those creative juices flowing. Of course this is done in a structured way, but giving the participants some control of their own group.

More difficult skills require a higher level of discipline, this will include working on our core strength and fitness to ensure that we can achieve the skills safely

We will look a lot more in depth to learning skills and working together on the skills through partner and group work. Theatre games and exercises will also be included as we start to bring the skills and creative ideas to performances.

Monday 6:00-7:30pm – $16 per session – Term Booking

Term starts Monday 12th July