Circus Holiday Fun Sessions

Engaging activities for all ages and abilities!

We have sessions for all ages from ages 3 and upwards.

Drop off the kids and know that they are in a fun and engaging activity, you will hear all about it when you pick them up!

An introduction to a range of circus skills suitable for beginners and children who have done it before. Including games and a range of juggling skills, the children will have plenty of fun from beginning to end and are sure to be worn out when its over!

Being held in our new venue – 1/30 Rovan Place, Bairnsdale

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Sunday 17th January 2021

Start TimeFinish TimeAge

Age 3 – 5

In these sessions we have a lot of fun and are a bit silly. Introducing the children to moving their body in different ways and throwing and catching exercises to engage their hand to eye coordination. From games to balancing, juggling scarves and spinning plates, your child will leave with a great big grin!

Age 5 – 8

In these classes we will start to explore more of the different juggling skills including diabolo, devil stick, poi, and balancing learning some cool tricks along the way. Everybody will be leaving the session achieving something! Plus with games and movement activities guaranteed to wear them out.

Age 8 – 12

In this 90 minute session we will start to look at the skills with more depth and have plenty of time to start mastering a few of the different skills. We will also start to look at partner work and how to work with each other to create cool tricks.

Age 12+

This is an intensive juggling lesson and everyone who attends will leave with the basic knowledge and the start of juggling 3 balls, if not being able to do a trick as well. We will also engage with other skills like diabolo, Devil stick, poi and more, and will be gain a heap of new skills and tricks to show off to friends.

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