Henrys Circus Diabolo (modified)

This Diabolo is by far my favourite choice. Strong, sturdy, well balanced and I am sure 95% of the diaboloist population agree. This is what I use in my workshop kit because it can withstand the bashing and destruction of many children as well as maintaining its stability and durability.

These diabolo’s used to be made with an aluminium hub, but have been slightly changed to make them slightly lighter making it easier for smaller arms.

I have a set of the little sister ‘Jazz’ Diabolos in my workshop kit which were some of my very first diabolos (20 years old) and these are the children’s favourites when I run classes.

(NOTE: The larger the diabolo, the easier it is to balance and the larger target you have to catch)

Available In Stock – Red, Blue

Henry’s Circus Diabolo (modified)


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