Youth Program

Thanks to the East Gippslandshire Council, we are very proud to present to you our very first youth program!!

Throughout Term 3 and 4 we will be working with a lucky group of young people aged 12-18 to step outside their comfort zone, engage in learning new skills, build their fitness, work together to build trust and support as a team and push their own boundaries

Through term 3, the group will be learning the basics and an understanding of the core skills, gaining the strength and fitness to achieve these skills, and learning to work together as team to support each other in their learning and progress.

In term 4, we will continue to build on these skills and integrate them into a theatre piece on a topic that the group will decide on. We will then perform the theatre piece to an invited group of family and friends, showcasing their newly acquired skills.

How much?

Thanks to funding from the East Gippslandshire Council, this project will be at no cost to the participants. This being said, we are only looking for participants willing to put in the work and commit to the project for the whole 2 terms. There are limited spaces available and in order for the group to bond together as team it is important for students to ensure they attend all of the sessions. (obviously we understand things do come up and odd sessions may be missed)

When is it?

Sessions will be held Thursdays 6pm – 8pm throughout Term 3 and 4. Our first session will be Thursday 15th July

Where is it?

The sessions will be held at our training facility in Bairnsdale. Our address is Unit 1/30 Rovan place Bairnsdale

Feel free to get in touch if you would like any more information about the program.

If you think this is for you and would love the chance to take this opportunity, apply using the form below!