Youth Program

“We Love that we get to do a heap of different activities”

With thanks to the East Gippslandshire Council, last year we were very proud to launch our very first youth program!!

This program is strictly for young people aged 13-18, it is an opportunity to stretch their comfort zone, meet new friends and keep fit in a fun and engaging way

The program is perfect for active people, that are not necessarily sports people. It allows participants to be active, creative, express themselves in new ways and have opportunities to perform. It expands comfort zones in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Play is a vital part of learning and is where the magic happens. The sessions are very structured but also allow time for free choice. This is where creativity booms and allows the participants time to experiment and work on skills that they are extra interested in.

With the return of events, this group will start working towards public performances at local events



$19 per session – Term Booking

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